Saturday, October 27, 2018


A pinch of toad lips. Check.
A sprinkle of ground spider. Check.
Cauldron simmering on medium-low. Check.

Have a sip of sludge, Boo, and I’ll have the pet I’ve always wanted! 1-2-3, a howling werewolf you will BE!


I said a howling werewolf you’ll be.

“Shiver me timbers, it’s dank in here. And what’s that smell, Matey?”

It’s sludge. You aren’t hairy! No fangs?

“You don’t like my gold teeth?”

I’d better check the recipe. Tombstones! It calls for smoked spider. 

“And your toad lips are expired.”

Can’t you at least howl?



A Witch in a Bind

I’m a witch with a problem.
A witch in a bind.
I put on my hat
and what do I find?

A hole! Yes, a hole.
And a big one at that.
In the worst of all places,
My pointy witch hat!

I shiver at the thought
Of howling wind upon my head.
I’d rather this big hole
Be in my cauldron instead.

By Goblins, I’ve got it!
I’ve thought up a way,
I just need a mirror
And lots of hairspray!

It’s pointy perfection!
I do look a fright.
I’m finally ready

For Halloween night.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Valentine for Leaf

This is my contest submission for "With Hopeful Heart" 3rd annual Valentiny Writing Contest:

A Valentine for Leaf

Leaf had been dangling alone from a branch all winter. He watched his friends get called down to the earth one by one. He trembled in the wind, hoping for his chance. Would the earth ever call him down?

“I can’t believe I’m still up here. I hope Earth wants me at all,” He thought with a frown.

Leaf spotted children on their way to school. They held paper hearts and cards. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” they shouted to the mailman across the street.

“Valentine’s Day? We’re half way through February!” Leaf imagined all the leaves snuggling with the earth, whispering sweet nothings to one another. He was losing hope.

He pitied himself for the next few hours. Suddenly, he felt a breeze. And then a snap! Leaf was floating down. He was being called!

Leaf smiled as he picked a spot to land. “What’s that? A heart? A Valentine just for me!”

Sure enough, there was a gray heart moving across the earth below Leaf. The heart got smaller and smaller until he landed right on top of it.

“Oh, Earth! What a special Valentine you gave me! You do want me after all!” Leaf closed his eyes and nuzzled the Earth in a big hug. “I never gave up hope! Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Monday, July 10, 2017

Island Hopping in Con Dao

One of the highlights of our honeymoon in Vietnam was walking from Con Son island to a neighboring uninhabited island at low tide.  Seeing fishermen in the sand repairing their boats, walking over all the little crab holes and seeing piles of broken coral was so strange and exciting.  We even snapped a pic of a few monkeys before we walked back to the main island...well before the tide came back in.
A good time to inspect the bottom of your boat

Walking across the ocean floor to a forested island

A beached fishing boat waits for the tide to return

Look very closely on the rocks, slightly left...

So much coral!