Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloweensie Entry

The Halloween Contest

What a dirty trick. Leggy chose a cobweb competition!

Last year, Melba chose a cook-off and used a magic potion. Her cauldron of chili was more spooktakular than my acorn stewed beans. 

The year before, my perfect selection of a tree bark gnaw-off backfired when an out-of-town beaver showed up and embarrassed us all. 

But how is a squirrel supposed to concoct a cobweb? 

Luckily, I’m clever. And Farmer Everett won’t miss the 892 ears of corn I needed to ahem...borrow. 

I nibbled and I nibbled, weaved and strung. By morning, not even Leggy could compete with my COB WEB!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Spring Fling Writing Contest Entry

This gif made me think of all the babies - both of the animal variety and human - (my daughter is a May baby) that we see in the spring time. Please see my entry below inspired by this gif. Hope you enjoy!

Spring is Baby Summer (133 words)

Spring is baby summer.
It will be here soon!
We preen the yard.
Ready our home.
We open windows.
Spring cleaning.

Spring is baby summer.
It cries a lot,
And thunders too.
My rubber boots
Splash Spring’s tears
Gathered in puddles for me.

Spring is baby summer.
Everything is tiny.
Tiny buds,
Tiny shoots,
Tiny blooms.
All growing up so fast.

Spring is baby summer
Chalk and bubbles,
On a warm driveway.
Until Spring gets tired
The sun dips during dinner,
We need coats again.

Spring is baby summer
We feed her bulbs,
We feed her seeds.
What a silly mess!
The grass gets mowed,
Spring’s first haircut.

Spring is baby summer
When the vines thicken,
The leaves stretch wide.
Deeper green, they rustle
Announcing to sunscreened faces
“I’m not a baby anymore.”

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Brynn's Big Moment

“Quiet, Sonny. It’s almost time.” Brynn cradled the cockatiel in her sweater. The Daddy/Daughter Valentine’s Party was ending. Time for her big moment!

One by one, children stood. “I love my Daddy because he…”

“Tucks me in,” said Scarlet.

“Makes me pancakes,” said Gabby.

“Takes me to the zoo,” said Lilly.

Brynn stood. “I love my Daddy because he got me the most beautiful bird IN THE WORLD!”

She threw open her cardigan. In a show of magnificent glory, Sonny soared over the class. His bright red cheeks, the perfect Valentine’s adornment.

But instead of Dad’s smile, Brynn saw chaos.

“Help, it’s flying at me!”

“Cover the cupcakes!”

“Don’t let it poop on me!”

Sonny squawked and flapped around the room. Children panicked. By the time he landed, chairs were overturned, juice spilled, and a Valentine card was being eaten. “What have I done?” thought Brynn.

In the car, Brynn held Sonny in her lap. “I’m sorry, Dad,” she sniffled. “I just wanted to say I love you. I ruined Valentine’s Day.”

At home, Brynn put Sonny in his cage. “I won’t make that mistake again.”

“Next month, I’ll bring a secret pet that really matches the occasion. Get ready for ‘Top ‘O the Mornin’ with Mommy,’ Rumple-snake-skin.” The green snake flicked its tongue.